Monday, 19 August 2013

uh oh!

So, 6 x 250m on the ergometer @ 1:30/500m pace.... You should have taken that bet!

I gave it a wee bash today at lunch time, with a fairly easy warm-up, some upper body moves (pull-ups & dips if you must know) and some stretching.

1. Set the erg up for 250m and row at a quickish pace, but still breathing... 1 min 06 sec with an end pace of 2:13 / 500m.

ok, so that means that 1:30 / 500m is quite a bit quicker than my normal pace.

Let's go balls out to see how far away...

2. Perform 3 sets @ maximum pace whilst maintaining some semblance of form...

Time Pace / 500m

It's not getting any quicker as we practice and it's a long way from 1:30 / 500m and that's not at the end of a hard PT workout and it's only half the challenge... uh oh!

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