Friday, 4 December 2009

Fool's goal

Motivation comes and goes. Get fitter, get leaner, feel better, have a great weekend, have a dirty cold, have a setback in life, feel down, eat some crisps, eat more crisps, let the diet slip, enjoy a drink, take some more, drink during the week, it's back to square one cos there's nothing to aim for other than being fit for fit's sake and where's the fun in that? Well that's gone! It's over! Archie has proposed an escapade in the New Year that will fulfill a lifetime's dream. It's a cracker and I'm going to need to be the best I can be to make the most of it. We've got less than 4 months, with Christmas and New Year in between, but this is my picture on the dressing room wall moment. I'm Rocky ripping Appollo Creed from the mirror, then I'm Appollo Creed ripping Rocky from the mirror, then Rocky ripping Mr. T from the mirror (aided by Appollo Creed), then I'm Rocky Ripping the Russian dude from the mirror, because he killed Apollo... I stopped watching them after IV - what happened in V and VI ? Anyway, I've got a goal and it's a beauty! Watch this space!