Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Spiritually refreshed... physically... relaxed

Well, just returned from an excellent 2 weeks in the East Neuk. The weather was fabulous, so spent some time at the beach with the wee fella, 2 reasonable runs with Finlay (www.caipliehouse.co.uk) and a couple of rounds of golf would be the sum total of times I actually felt I was exercising.

The food was wonderful, all locally grown produce. There was a great butcher in the village and all the veg straight from the surrounding fields - but I was dreading the gym today. The stomach is definitly grown, so surely I'd packed on the beef?

Surprisingly it's stayed around the 87kg mark and the 2000m row was ok... on reflection although I've eaten well and enjoyed a few glasses of wine, sometimes even to excess, the food has all been good and fresh. There's been plenty of low impact wandering about and carrying the boy about, so maybe I just did enough to not put on any weight. Shows how sedintary life can be when settled into the work routine and not moving from the desk for hours at a time I suppose. Really must make sure I don't allow that to become the habit now that I'm back to the grind.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Returning to the gym

Well, I've lingered long enough and eaten like a man who hates himself for over a week now. It's time to get back into the groove, but what a stinker of a cold I've had, so I'm really not looking forward to going back to the gym today. I'm thinking 20 minutes easy cardio and a wee sauna just to get the systems back up and running. I won't go near the scales though, it could be devastating...


It was nowhere near as devastating as I feared.
weight still below 87kg (86.8kg to be precise)
20 minutes cardio and 30 press-ups easy (only aimed for 25 as a test...

Maybe I'm still benefiting from the 2 weeks good work before it all went pear shaped. Now there's a good thought for getting stuck right into it again