Thursday, 8 October 2009

Comfort Zone

I had apple crumble last night. Not just any apple crumble, but a particularly stupendously delicious home made apple crumble. It was created in the kitchen of one of the other mothers from my wife's ante-natal group with apples from her garden. I had it with Ambrosia Devon cream custard and it was superb. The thing is though, that sort of thing should really just be a wee treat, or even a reward for some other achievement, but it wasn't. It was just there in the fridge and I fancied some, so I had some. I don't regret it for an instant, but what it tells me is that I'm clearly operating in my comfort zone. For 2 weeks I worked tremendously hard and lost 2kg. It was hard to start, but once the losses came it was very rewarding. Since then I've been treading water and maintained the loss - that's a good thing I suppose! I've been going to the gym most lunchtimes and I am completely avoiding crisps and chips - tellingly not chocolate or apple crumble though!
It's clear though, if you want to lose weight, you need to move out of that comfort zone, forego the apple crumble, do some more serious cardio and weights work and shift the lard. Do it in short bursts, then try to maintain the loss is one possible approach - By default it's the one I've been taking anyway.
Next week I'm away to France for a week with work, then I'm going to play golf with some old friends at the weekend. That's not a good time to start a more serious burst of activity, but the week after certainly is. It's time to get out of the comfort zone and back to the grind for a bit.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Rowing test - no cheating allowed!

Had a bash at the O'Neill fitness test again today, having had a decent Cardio session on Monday and a bit of an upper body session yesterday.
Was pleased to see the weight slip back under 87kg.

964m in 4 minutes - In the Below Average to Average band ;-(
Not as good as I'd hoped, however I've found some weird calculator on the American site that does a weight adjustment calculation which gives me an adjusted distance of 1040m, pushing me up a band to Average... somehow that makes it all sound even worse.

Of course, the sad thing is this weight adjustment calculator is to give an idea of how I'd fare in an actual boat, so counts for nothing ;-(

The truth hurts. I'm an out of shape lardy, who needs to work a wee bit harder just to be average... boooo!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Reseting the counters

Well, the motivation has slipped somewhat over the last few weeks and suddenly it's a good month since I was doing any hard work. Worse than that though, I spent the last weekend doing some serious indulging and here's the results of my not very scientific poll. The Bevvy has a serious affect on motivation, effort and weight. Was at a wedding on Friday, had a wee hair of the dog on Saturday and then enjoyed a kiddies birthday party on Sunday, where Dad was allowed a wee beer or 3. Net result is that I've creeped back up over 87kg. The surprising part about that I suppose is that it actually took so long to creep back over 87kg and I'm definitely blaming the bevvy for that.

Anyway, I've got a potential park-run buddy joining me this weekend and Finlay has officially recorded a sub 50 minute 10k up in Inverschneckie, so the pressure is on. 2 weeks till the final golf outing of the year and I'd like my swing to be free and easy without having to negotiate the gut that's hanging off the front. Yummm! This vegetable soup for lunch is delicious!!!!