Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Back at it ... again!

Well, another stinking cold - maybe the original one came back to haunt me, but again it felt like an age since I'd been to the gym at lunch time. Decided that I would do something a wee bit different today, as I came across a web site with a list of the top exercises for bunring calories and skipping is top of the list. A quick google search seemed to back up the theory. Tuesday is a spin class at my gym, but for a couple of reasons I thought I'd dig out my rope and get into the studio to give it a few turns.

Weighed in at 87.7kg, but have been troughing like a pig for the last 2 weeks, so that's actually not bad result all things considered - or should I be worried about how really bad things must be when I'm up at 89kg... hmmm!

10 minutes on the X-trainer - didn't feel great, but did my 10 dips easily and managed 4 pull-ups withouty assistance, so not too bad there either.

Skipping - why? Well, apparently it strengthens your cardiovascular system, burns lots of calories - which is always a plus, improves your agility, tones the muscles in your legs such as thighs and calves as well as toning abdominals, back, chest and shoulders.

Now, the rowing machine is pretty good for most of that, but I was taken by the agility thing. On the rowing machine you're pretty well static, but there's a lot more movement in skipping and then when it's going well the opportunity to try a few tricks.

The result - 10 minutes skipping pretty hard, sweated a fair bit, but actually I think I need a bit more practice. Also, I think I'll need to get a new battery for my HRM and actually measure what I've done. Really enjoyed it though.