Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Glasgow Southside Cycle route - 40km

As per the 20km route heading out along Kilmarnock road from Shawlands cross, up through Clarkston and Waterfoot, along Floors Road past Linn Hi-fi and up to the roundabout at the end of Floors road onto Humbie Rd. This time turn left, going under the A726 - tough wee climb here! - and follow that road along to Eaglesham.
There's a cracking wee descent into Eaglesham where Humbie Road meets Gilmour St. Turn right into Eaglesham, look for Polnoon street on your right side before you get to the end of Gilmour St.

You're now heading into ~10km of uphill slog up the Bonnyton moor road, past the Windfarm and up to the old A77.

Once you get onto the A77 there's a cycle path / pavement all the way down to Newton Mearns. That's the hard part over.

Glasgow Southside Cycle route - 20km

Nice easy run out from Shawlands along Kilmarnock then Fenwick road. There are bike lanes most of the way, sometimes they disappear, but mostly at the traffic lights there is a reserved section up front.Sneaky wee shortcut down Otterburn road in Giffnock to avoid the roundabout at Eastwood toll. Be careful rejoining Eastwood mains road, as the cars come over the hill behind you at a decent rate - but you're on a wee downward bit here, so should get going no bother.
From Williamwood rail up to Clarkston it's a bit of an uphill slog, but not too bad. Through Clarkston and onwards to Waterfoot, where the road surface can get a bit crappy and drivers a wee bit impatient trying to rush to their next set of lights... Just at the far end of Waterfoot, turn right into Floors road, where there is a short steep section going around the corner, and then a less steep 1km or so up to the roundabout. Turn right at roundabout to then enjoy a mainly downhill return to Clarkston through Mearns Kirk and down the old Mearns road - Take care for cars coming out onto the road and turning right, as you'll be doing a fair old skite by the time you get onto Mearns road.
I cross my prevoius path here and take Clarkston Road down to Merrylee, then cut through Newlands to get back to Shawlands - where the road at Pollokshaws East Railway defies belief - It's like they've prepared the inside lane for resufacing, but only resurfaced the outside lane.