Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ye know what ye know. Ye know it's right and you're wrong! So stop it

I've been off the sauce for a few weeks now. Had a fairly dramatic effect on the weight very quickly, but I was surprised yesterday to be back up in the heavyweight division. I say surprised. I wasn't really that surprised as I've been doing a bit of snacking. A wee biscuit here and there and a bit of chocolate... ho hum! I knew I shouldn't have, but I did...

That's not to say that that I wasn't actually a bit heavier than I expected, but still there was an underlying reason... and here's the really daft bit even beyond the biscuits...

Last week I was eating cup noodles, trying to kid myself on that I was giving myself some energy to work harder in the gym. Was I dickens! I was eating cup noodles because I like them, especially the spicy Tom Yum Tiger ones. It took my boss ripping the piss out of me to make me think about it... So sad am I that I even googled "cup noodles for energy before a workout" to see if I could get some backup... All I got was confirmation that I was eating super processed shite, flavoured with a half cup of salt... I still like them, but they're off the menu ;-(

Worse still, earlier this week I convinced myself that eating houmous and fresh bread would be a terrific snack. Great taste, full of friendly proteins and the oil is the healthy Mediterranean Olive oil. Of course that only works if you treat it like a snack, but the greedy got that I am saw me scoffing a whole tub of the stuff with a wee baguette. OK, so I was hungry, and the stuff I was eating is supposedly healthy. but that was ridiculous AND I knew it.

So, I'm off the drink, exercising more, but the weight isn't really coming down as I'd like it too... because...
i) Well, just weighing yourself isn't the best measure anyway
ii) You need to watch the diet too!
iii) When you're my age, you really need to watch the diet!